Stovetop brewing this week? Also, bottling

Steve Killen steven.f.killen at
Mon May 14 15:42:47 EDT 2012

Greetings, all,

The semester is finally over. I am finally catching up on work that has
built up over the last couple weeks, but I have an empty fermenter that
needs filling. So, if you want to come up this way and learn the black art
of stovetop mashing, I'd be happy to host you. I have the grains, so it
must be this week. I was thinking tomorrow or Wednesday but Thursday at the
latest, and I'd like to finish before 3pm, so if you want to be in on the
mash you should aim to be here by 11am. I'll send you my address if you
reply in the affirmative.

I also observe that Cernunnos is probably ready to bottle. I have a case of
clean bottles ready to go, and can soak some more tonight. Clinton, when
did you want to bottle?

BPT, has your bottler arrived? I'm rather excited to help bottle the biere
de garde.

I am also ready to brew a batch in the big rig, so when we have a free
fermenter I'd like to be next.

I hope you are all well,

Steven F. Killen <steven.f.killen at>
| elvestinkle @ twitter

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