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   * [[attachment:stovetopAGsaison.html|Stovetop Saison]] BeerXML: [[attachment:stovetopAGsaison.xml]]
  Going warp-speed to all-grain, doing the Brew-In-A-Bag method on my stove. 90-minute mash (1.75 qts/lb) @ 149F. Down to 146F at 60 mins, added 2c boiling water (determined with infusion calculator). Brewhouse efficiency 71%. Fairly cloudy wort, lots of trub settling out. I hope I get a full case out of this! Pitched T-58 at 70F, target 76F. Incredibly fast initial ferment (48 hours and it's back to low outgassing), only got up to ~74F.
+ Tasty! Lemony and tart, with the pepper adding a slight (and interesting) fruitiness. This will be perfect for the dog days to come.
+ === AG Hard Root Beer ===
+  * [[attachment:StovetopHardRootBeer.html|Stovetop Hard Root Beer]] BeerXML: [[attachment:StovetopHardRootBeer.xml]]
+ Styled after a Southern English Brown, malty and sweet, with extracts to add in secondary to try for a root-beery flavor. Mashing medium-high (154F).
  = Kristen =

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