[Nestedvm] Some problems with current Cygwin

Andre Pietsch andre.pietsch at advicio-servdesk.de
Wed May 4 13:51:03 EDT 2011

> Right. The NestedVM makefile is lazy, and only builds what it needs to,
> which means if it isn't building anything that needs c++, it won't ever
> build the c++ compiler. Make cxxtest will force it to do this though
> (or make upstream/tasks/build_gcc_step2, but that it hard to remember).

lazy little b... ;)

> This is how it is supposed to be. NestedVMs build process builds a
> private copy of gcc entirly within it's own build directory. It will
> never touch anything outside its build directory. You should add
> `pwd`/upstream/install/bin to your path (or "make env.sh", and source
> that in your shell, which will set your PATH, as well as a handfull of
> other environment variables) to use the compiler it built.

I've "made" the env.sh and source-d it. The compiler is called and runs 
exactly as supposed to be.

The rest of my problems are within the cpp files itself. Some header 
files are not available. Is it possible to use the -I (for includes) and 
-L (for libs) parameters on the mips-unknown-elf-gcc like on a normal gcc?



PS: should I open a new thread for the parameter question?

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