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Peach pale ale v2

  Trying out Amarillo as the sole hop, hoping to complement it with peaches in primary and a nice Belgian character. It helps that T-58 tolerates summer temps!. Efficiency was about 10 points below predicted (OG 1.046); the two main variables were time (75 instead of 90 minutes) and the fact that a full third of the grain bill was old grains from last year. Trying to ferment at 70, but the swamp cooler is barely keeping up. In the end, I only kept it to 73-75. :-\
  Great attenuation; FG 1.010. Nice and phenolic, but not much peach in the gravity sample. Tasty! Bottling in another week.
+  * [[attachment:PeachyKeenPaleAlev2.html|Peachy Keen Pale Ale mk 2]] BeerXML: [[attachment:PeachyKeenPaleAlev2.xml]]
+ Second batch, almost a year ago to the day! I adjusted the hardware profile for better accuracy, and changed up the grain bill (half Belgian pale malt) for a little more malt character. Also, Danstar put out a saison yeast (Belle Saison), so I picked that up instead of my usual go-to for Belgian styles (T-58). Going to make sure to mash for the full 90 minutes, and then let her ferment unregulated to see what the upper range gets me in the way of phenols, etc.
  === Sriracha Porter (All-grain) ===

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