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The "HomeBrewing" page has been changed by SteveKillen:

Fruit SG contribution article

   * A useful guide to [[http://www.mrmalty.com/late_hopping.php|late-hopping/hopbursting]]
   * A thread on HomebrewTalk about [[http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f39/easy-partial-mash-brewing-pics-75231/|Stovetop All-grain batches]]
   * A [[http://www.brewsupplies.com/hop_characteristics.htm|handy chart]] to help you determine your Hop Schedule courtesy of http://www.brewsupplies.com/
+  * A guide to [[http://morebeer.com/articles/fruit_in_beer|calculate the sugar contribution of various fruits]]
  == Software ==
   * [[http://brewtarget.sourceforge.net/|Brewtarget]] A newer Free Software brewing tool. Looks similar to QBrew, but apparently has no shared codebase with it and is actively maintained.

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