Bottling this weekend + Piedmont Brewers Cup

Steve Killen steven.f.killen at
Thu Aug 2 13:57:18 EDT 2012

Greetings, brewers,

I want to bottle the Bubonic Porter this weekend, as it's been three weeks.
(I want it to be entirely bottle-conditioned for the Piedmont Brewer's
Cup!) Clinton & bpt, is Sunday tenable for me to come over and bottle? I
can't come over before then, as I have an exam and a paper to wade through.
I can manage most of it myself, so if you all have tasks to accomplish I
should be able to stay out of your hair.

Joey's hefeweizen should be winding down by then, too--how are things
looking in the fridge?

Also want to remind you that the Piedmont Brewers Cup entry submission
window is Sep 1-Oct 7. Registration is finally open:


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