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The "HomeBrewing/Recipes" page has been changed by SteveKillen:

  first attempt- too much honey used- extra sweet? nonetheless delicious
+ = Joey =
+ == Oo Hefe-ner ==
+ 10 gallons:
+ [[attachment:JWHEATZ10gallon.html|JWheatz]] ([[attachment:JWHEATZ10gallon.xml|BeerXML]])
+ A JWheatz base with a slightly different yeast (Wyeast 3333, German Wheat Ale). Also, 1L of 2nd-steeped, cold-extracted oolong tea will be pitched into one of the fermenters at the conclusion of primary fermentation.
  = Recipes From Other Places =
   * [[http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f82/|Homebrewtalk Recipe Database]] Many from which to choose!

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