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Greetings, brewers,

So, with Clinton going out of town and four fermenters free again, it's
time to fill them again. The consensus sounded like Saturday the 14th was
the most viable, and I can't do Sunday as my lady love is returning home
from parts north. So, let us brew 10 gallons of the Bubonic Porter on
Saturday! I like to get an early start, so my plan is to head to the brew
store around 10am and arrive at Evergreen at 11, and I'm hoping to mash in
by noon. BPT, are you amenable to this timeframe? I can run the rig by
myself, but I need you to let me in the door.

Now that we have several interested brewers, we should set up an
authoritative queue--I'll throw it up on the wiki under the Planning
header. But it is incumbent on you as a prospective brewer to add your name
to the rotation! Please respect the order of the queue and add your name to
the bottom so that we have a fair distribution. I'll seed it with the
results of tonight's negotiations. Clinton, I wasn't sure whether you were
going before or after Luke; could you correct the positioning if it's wrong?

ALSO: I shall be bottling my RIS this week, and to replace it I have fresh
peaches and an ounce of Citra to make a Peachy Keen Pale Ale. I'll be
mashing on my stovetop up north (near Spring Forest on Falls of the Neuse),
and I invite you to join me if you wish to learn the black art of mashing
in your brew kettle. I'm thinking Thursday at 11am; is anyone up for it?
Let me know and I'll send you my address.


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