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   * [[attachment:persephonehalfbatch.html|Persephone RIS]] BeerXML: [[attachment:persephonehalfbatch.xml]]
  My first attempt at an OG >1.1 beer, a Russian Imperial Stout. Raleigh water requires some mineral modification to bolster efficiency. Doubling up the voile fabric had good effect in reducing the amount of trub. OG 1.090, partly because I couldn't sparge the grains--no vessel big enough to hold them! Malt ''everywhere.'' Pitched US-05 after washing out the fermenter--too much trub in the bottom. Hopefully my trub problems are now solved. Vigorous fermentation! Blowoff installed, mess contained.
+ === AG Peachy Keen Pale Ale ===
+  * [[attachment:peachykeenpaleale.html|Peachy Keen Pale Ale]] BeerXML: [[attachment:peachykeenpaleale.xml]]
+ Trying out Amarillo as the sole hop, hoping to complement it with peaches in primary and a nice Belgian character (it helps that T-58 tolerates summer temps!).
  = Kristen =

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