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Clinton Ebadi clinton at unknownlamer.org
Sat May 19 12:02:20 EDT 2012

Steve Killen <steven.f.killen at gmail.com> writes:

> Dibs! Sunday will work best, looks like, if that's ok. I would like to go for
> 10 gallons of Irish red ale, but if and only if Nowruz is absolutely ready to
> leave the fridge. Clinton, are we good? Otherwise I'll make something that
> better tolerates high temp, like JWheatz or a table saison.

JWheatz and high temperatures! Insanity I say! Un-german even!

The krausen on both Nowruz's have sunk and it's just dry hopping
now... room temp will be a-ok.

To do 10 gallons I'll need to bottle at least half of the
Cernunnos... i.e. we'll need an assistant or three to get done in a
reasonable amount of time.

Ethan: i'm working on myself
Ethan: the self is the most important thing
Ethan: i learned this from a packet of tea
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