New mash tun is live!

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Mon Apr 16 10:51:51 EDT 2012

Greetings, all,

So, we knuckled down on Saturday and while I was sawing off the top of the
keg, Clinton finished drilling the manifold holes in the copper tubing. He
conducted a series of tests to verify siphon efficacy and leak-proofing,
and he was in the process of measuring the tun's thermal mass when I left.
Clinton, would you post the hardware profile numbers when you get them so
we can plug them into Brewtarget?

 I scoured the inside of the keg with oxyclean, but internet research
confirmed my suspicions; I'm going to need something stronger (a la
Barkeeper's Friend) to take care of the crustules (aka "beerstone," or
calcium oxalate: that remain
on the inside surface of the keg. I'll acquire some this week if I have
time, but I'm now going full-bore on a paper. But once the keggle is
sanitary we'll be in full 10-gallon operation, so if anyone else can
acquire some Barkeeper's Friend and scour the keggle clean this week, it'll
get us in a position to make a huge batch of beer for solstice!

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