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The "HomeBrewing" page has been changed by SteveKillen:

   * 2012-03-07: RachelBrown's Ancient Orange Mead
   * 2012-03-22: SteveKillen's Bleeding Heart Hefeweizen
   * 2012-04-01: SteveKillen's Stovetop Dunkelweizen
+  * 2012-04-14: Sebastian's Amber Ale 
  == Fermenting ==
   * 7.5 gal carboy: ClintonEbadi's Blackberry-Hibiscus Cyser (2012-03-18)
   * Better Bottle #1: BtTempleton's French Revolution Ale (2012-03-11)
   * Better Bottle #2: RachelBrown's Luna Moth (2012-03-17)
-  * Better Bottle #3: Sebastian's Amber Ale (2012-03-23)
+  * Better Bottle #3: nil
   * Small Better Bottle: SteveKillen's Stovetop Session Saison (2012-04-12)
   * 5 gal carboy: ClintonEbadi's Cider Recipe #5 (2011-11-26)
   * 1 gal jug #1: KristenPeavler's Lavender Rose mead (2012-03-17) 
@@ -158, +159 @@

   * 2 '''20lbs Propane Cylinders''' Just a basic propane cylinder
    * places to get propane refill: UHaul on Capital (north of 440), BJs on Old Wake Forest off Capital (south of 540)
   * '''2'x2' Paving Stone''' to provide a stable surface for the burner and protection for deck wood against drying out or scorching
-  * '''5 Gallon Mash Lautering Tun''' for masochism and all-grain batches [[http://www.homebrewtalk.com/wiki/index.php/Converting_a_cooler_to_a_mash_tun#Cylindrical|Parts list]], total cost ~$40. Make sure to check out [[http://www.thescrewybrewer.com/2010/12/screwys-5-gallon-mash-tun.html|a better guide to the actual construction]].
+  * '''15 Gallon Mash Lautering Tun''' with fancy copper manifold for high-gravity brewing (OG > 1.060) & 10-gallon batches. Total materials cost ~$110.
+  * '''5 Gallon Mash Lautering Tun''' with stainless steel braid for masochism and all-grain batches [still useful for lower-gravity batches (OG <= 1.060); better overall efficiency and less head space = great heat retention!] 
+   * [[http://www.homebrewtalk.com/wiki/index.php/Converting_a_cooler_to_a_mash_tun#Cylindrical|Parts list]], total cost ~$40. 
+   * Make sure to check out [[http://www.thescrewybrewer.com/2010/12/screwys-5-gallon-mash-tun.html|a better guide to the actual construction]].
+  * '''Stainless steel 15.5 gallon keggle''' courtesy of Aviator Brewing and Steve's dremel!
   * '''Polarware 30 quart stainless steel brew kettle'''. Basic, but workable for full five gallon wort boils. LHBS recommended the low end kettle and reserving funds for a future purchase of a fancy ten gallon kettle.
   * '''Immersion Wort Chiller'''. Just a basic coiled copper tubing gadget.
   * '''[[http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_792_792|Northern Tool Submersible Pump]]''' For circulating ice water through the immersion chiller in an attempt to save water. Cost about the same as the pond pump that didn't work, but a quick test was promising--the flow rate through the wort chiller looked as high as with the garden faucet. As of 2011-06-09 we have successfully cooled around 7 brews with the pump and it has yet to break--we can cool a five gallon batch to 74F in ~15 minutes using only 20 gallons of water and eight frozen 2L soda bottles. --(If it doesn't break in six more months)--it's 2012-03-20 and the pump has survived a '''lot''' of batches so I think I can recommend it.
   * '''48" Stirring Spoon''' That's what she said
-  * [coming soon!] Stainless steel 15.5 gallon keg from Aviator Brewing to be turned into a keggle! [[http://www.homebrewtalk.com/wiki/index.php/Keggle|Instructions]]
-  * [coming soon!] 60 quart Igloo cooler to be converted into an MLT! High gravity brewing & 10-gallon batches, here we come!
  == Fermentation ==
   * '''Ranco Digital Temperature Controller''' for the fridge at Evergreen (Steve's)

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