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Fri Apr 13 22:45:36 EDT 2012

Shit. It just occurred to me that tomorrow's vet trip includes a rabies
booster, and since rebecca won't be home (school function) I need to watch
the cat to make sure he doesn't develop a reaction. Having been party to a
pet's reaction that didn't get noticed by the owner in time (it happens
quickly if it happens), I don't have the leeway to just hope he'll be fine;
I must stay. So it's gotta be sat. evening after rebecca gets back or
Sunday for me.

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On Apr 13, 2012 8:51 PM, "Steve Killen" <steven.f.killen at> wrote:

> The one caveat is that I still need to take my cat to the vet at 10am. So
> any help I can offer tomorrow will be noon or slightly later.
> On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 8:39 PM, Clinton Ebadi <clinton at>wrote:
>> Ok, reformulating Nowruz a bit to have some more special grain and
>> realistic efficiency leads to needing about 5lbs of DME. I.e. fuck that,
>> I really don't want to deal with adding that much DME...
>> I think it'll be better to build the mash tun and kettle tomorrow and
>> brew on Sunday... *or* try to get the mash tun constructed before noon
>> and actually go ahead with a five gallon brew of Nowruz in it...
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