[HCoop-Help] unable to ssh into my account

Sajith Sasasidharan sajith at hcoop.net
Wed Nov 20 14:48:32 EST 2013

David Brownstein <dbrownst at hcoop.net> wrote:

> In my experience this issue is still ongoing.
> As a short term solution, whenever I am refused entry to bog, now I just 
> use mire instead.  Likely not an encouraged action, but so far it has 
> fulfilled my immediate needs.
> I'm guessing that this ssh issue is a symptom of some deeper problem at 
> play.  Of course I have no idea what that might be.

I too can use mire.  I found that I can ssh to bog from my campus
network as well.  (But I am out of there, and I don't know how long I
will have access to school servers).

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