[HCoop-Help] Migrating to navajos

Clinton Ebadi clinton at unknownlamer.org
Mon Dec 17 15:04:47 EST 2012

Kenneth Pronovici <pronovic at ieee.org> writes:

> Hi,
> I tried to convert my domtool configuration to use the new navajos
> server.  It doesn't seem to be working, but I'm not exactly sure what
> I should expect.  I rolled back my changes for the time being.
> My domtool configuration can be found
> at: /afs/hcoop.net/user/p/pr/pronovic/.domtool/cedar-solutions.com.
> I am using a vhostDefault, and I have one web subdomain
> (software.cedar-solutions.com).  I believe the only reason I have a
> vhostDefault is because I was following the wiki's recipe for how to
> redirect all www.cedar-solutions.com traffic to cedar-solutions.com.  
> My first test was to add a completely new subdomain using webAt rather
> than web.  That worked.
> Next, I tried converting my existing web "software" subdomain to
> webAt.  After domtool completed, software.cedar-solutions.com showed
> the hcoop home page rather than my content.  I got similar behavior
> for the main cedar-solutions.com domain when I add the WebPlaces
> configuration in my vhostDefault.   I gave it a while (> 30 minutes),
> but waiting didn't make any difference.

Yes, this is DNS propagation -- your domain was still resolving to mire
which no longer had a vhost for the domain, thus showing the default
page for the server. If you want to verify things before dns propagates,
a quick hack is to add `$yourdomain` to your hosts file to
force it resolve to navajos. From the looks of it, things were working
on navajos however!

I see you're also using a wiki; those are broken right now (fscking
script created wikis that rely on the local fs copy of moin on mire!),
but I'm working on fixing/upgrading that now.

Also, bpt ran into the same vhost problem (and documented it!), but I
suspect that enough folks are using vhostDefault for this purpose that
we should add a new option to Easy_domain to redirect www instead.

Thanks for giving migration a shot!

Lindsay (Carlton): nighttime baker! sounds a little iffy
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