[HCoop-Help] Migrating to navajos

Kenneth Pronovici pronovic at ieee.org
Mon Dec 17 15:33:37 EST 2012

On Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 2:04 PM, Clinton Ebadi <clinton at unknownlamer.org> wrote:
> Yes, this is DNS propagation -- your domain was still resolving to mire
> which no longer had a vhost for the domain, thus showing the default
> page for the server.

Ok, that's pretty much what I was expecting you to say.

> If you want to verify things before dns propagates,
> a quick hack is to add `$yourdomain` to your hosts file to
> force it resolve to navajos. From the looks of it, things were working
> on navajos however!

That's good to hear.  When I get a chance, I'll try again with my
resolver pointing to that IP.

Is there any way to work around the 36 hour DNS interval?  I'm happy
to migrate as soon as everything is functional, but I'd rather not
take a 36-hour outage to my web content if I don't have to.

For instance, could I set a small TTL on the domain, wait a few days,
then migrate again and see DNS updated more quickly?  I see how to set
a small TTL on a subdomain using dnsIP, but I don't see an obvious way
to do it for the main cedar-solutions.com domain.

> I see you're also using a wiki; those are broken right now (fscking
> script created wikis that rely on the local fs copy of moin on mire!),
> but I'm working on fixing/upgrading that now.

Ok.  If/when you'd like me to test those fixes, feel free to ping me
(privately or on-list).

> Also, bpt ran into the same vhost problem (and documented it!), but I
> suspect that enough folks are using vhostDefault for this purpose that
> we should add a new option to Easy_domain to redirect www instead.

Yeah, that seems like a good idea.  I suspect that the more of us who
are using basic configuration, the easier this will go the next time.

> Thanks for giving migration a shot!

Yep, no problem.


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