[HCoop-Help] Pointer to SpamAssassin training

John T. Settino john at johnsettino.com
Fri Jan 15 10:16:24 EST 2010

> On Fri, 15 Jan 2010 07:23:20 -0500
> Adam Chlipala <adamc at hcoop.net> wrote:
>> Jesse Shumway wrote:
>> > Strangely the above convention appears to be contradicted by the
>> > FeedingSpamAssassin wiki page which says that
>> >      SHAREDDIR=/etc/spamassassin/Maildir/.SiteSpam/cur
>> > is where I should manually serve my spam. But there's no /etc/*spam*
>> > on mire. Hmmm, looks to me like the wiki page might be a tad behind
>> > the times. Chasing this down a little furhter
>> > What am I missing here? Is the wiki out of date? Where should I be
>> > looking for a recipe for feeding SpamAssassin?
>> >
>> The missing fact is that the IMAP server is on a different machine,
>> which has that directory.  As far as I know, the wiki's directions
>> for setting up a link to this shared folder are still accurate, but
>> perhaps you can help us expand them for a new mail client that no one
>> has tried using for this before.
> What I did in my client was use the option "Show all folders (subscribed
> and unsubscribed)", and then from there I chose "Subscribe" on the ones
> I wanted.
> Actually, I don't remember now whether I explicitly selected Subscribe
> on the Ham/Spam folders, or I just started using them after selecting
> to show all folders.
> But either way, it has been working for me.
> (Also, in addition to setting that thing up, you'll probably want to
> tune your ~/.public/.forward file and put an Exim filter specification
> in there, which simply discards messages with spam score above certain
> level (no benefit from saving obvious spam). The instructions for this
> are on the wiki, or you can also look up my ~docelic/.public/.forward).
> -doc

Or you can use procmail to do it, of which there are examples on the wiki!

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