[HCoop-Help] Anyone else seeing intermittent mail problems?

Kenneth Pronovici pronovic at ieee.org
Sat Jan 30 15:29:39 EST 2010

I've seen some intermittent mail problems within the last hour, and I'm
wondering whether anyone else has seen anything similar.

1. For one message, procmail reported "sendmail: Cannot open localhost:25"
when attempting to forward to gmail
2. After that problem, I sent myself a mail from mire to pronovic (i.e. the
local user on mire) which never arrived
3. A couple of other test messages have been processed by procmail on mire,
but never arrived at gmail as expected

So far, it's nothing critical, but I'm not sure whether I'm looking at a
pattern or just a burp....?

Thanks for the help,


Kenneth J. Pronovici <pronovic at ieee.org>
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