[HCoop-Help] DNS Problems with hcoop.net subdomain

Adam Chlipala adam at chlipala.net
Sat Feb 20 21:14:26 EST 2010

Nathan Weston wrote:
> 1) www.cfoboard.hcoop.net works, but cfoboard.hcoop.net doesn't
> (although it used to)

Your configuration doesn't ask for any mapping for "cfoboard.hcoop.net" 
to be added.  Why are you using the "domain" configuration directive 
instead of "dom"?  I think you should come up with the results you want 
if you just follow the examples here, where I've tried to stress that 
folks should almost never use "domain":

(It's quite possible that our documentation is out of sync, and 
something on our wiki suggested using "domain."  If so, it would be 
useful for us to know where that is.)

> 2) The domain seems to come and go from DNS. Some days I can resolve it,
> and other days I can't.

Our secondary DNS server wasn't updating because a daemon had lost AFS 
tokens about a month ago, but no one noticed until now.  It should be 
working again now; I'll leave it up to the admins to figure out a 
permanent fix for this problem on outpost.hcoop.net.

> If I do "nslookup www.cfoboard.hcoop.net ns1.hcoop.net" it does work:
> Server:		ns1.hcoop.net
> Address:
> Name:	www.cfoboard.hcoop.net
> Address:
> But visiting this IP address in a browser just takes me to the hcoop.net
> front page.

You shouldn't expect anything else.  All non-SSL virtual hosts share the 
same IP address.  If your web browser isn't requesting a particular 
hostname, then there's no way our web server could know which vhost you 

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