[HCoop-Help] Kerberos, installing with Debian Lenny/Sid

Steve Taylor staylor at ncf.ca
Wed Oct 14 18:27:57 EDT 2009

Thanks Doc. 

Problem 1: new debian install from cd caused loss of serial ports.
           I copied and upgraded a partition of my current debian, 3.0
           Problem repeated.

Solution: ask for answers but stick with old version
          But no answers came.

Problem 2, the conflicts, started when "backport" support for older
versions stopped 

To my limited knowledge, unless I need a Debian upgrade that leaves my
ports working

I'll stop there for now. Looking for the log records on one of about 8
partitions, no luck yet.

Thanks again.

Davor Ocelic <docelic at hcoop.net> writes:

> On Wed, 14 Oct 2009 13:36:18 -0400
> Steve Taylor <staylor at ncf.ca> wrote:
>> I can ask on hcoop-discuss:
>> With debian lenny/sid. Not upgraded because upgrades left me with no
>> serial ports and I didn't know modules that would restore them. So
>> my debian libc packages are not current enough and I can't install
>> kerberso, amongst others
>> How/where can I find a kerberos I can install? Is the answer to
>> download source code and compile it?
>> I logged into my account via Mozilla 1.7.13, so as long as that works
>> (slowly) I do have access. Haven't tried Firefox yes.
>> Thanks in advance.
> Hey Steve,
> If you can't perform the upgrade regularly, it means there's a
> problem in your setup which is more important than just getting
> kerberos working.
> You probably messed up the sources.list and the versions of packages
> on your system.
> So the solution is not in using Kerberos from source, but in fixing
> your setup.
> Here's a recipe:
> 1) make sure you have 'testing' or 'unstable' repositories in
> sources.list
> 2) apt-get update
> 3) aptitude install krb5-user
> (Use aptitude instead of apt-get because it has better
> dependency resolution mechanism, but do check whether the solution
> it is suggesting you is the one you would accept).
> When you run the command under (3), aptitude will try find
> the necessary packages to remove/install/upgrade so that you both
> get krb5-user installed and have all dependencies resolved.
> -doc
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