[HCoop-Help] Kerberos, installing with Debian Lenny/Sid

Davor Ocelic docelic at hcoop.net
Wed Oct 14 15:20:05 EDT 2009

On Wed, 14 Oct 2009 13:36:18 -0400
Steve Taylor <staylor at ncf.ca> wrote:

> I can ask on hcoop-discuss:
> With debian lenny/sid. Not upgraded because upgrades left me with no
> serial ports and I didn't know modules that would restore them. So
> my debian libc packages are not current enough and I can't install
> kerberso, amongst others
> How/where can I find a kerberos I can install? Is the answer to
> download source code and compile it?
> I logged into my account via Mozilla 1.7.13, so as long as that works
> (slowly) I do have access. Haven't tried Firefox yes.
> Thanks in advance.

Hey Steve,

If you can't perform the upgrade regularly, it means there's a
problem in your setup which is more important than just getting
kerberos working.

You probably messed up the sources.list and the versions of packages
on your system.

So the solution is not in using Kerberos from source, but in fixing
your setup.

Here's a recipe:

1) make sure you have 'testing' or 'unstable' repositories in 

2) apt-get update

3) aptitude install krb5-user

(Use aptitude instead of apt-get because it has better
dependency resolution mechanism, but do check whether the solution
it is suggesting you is the one you would accept).

When you run the command under (3), aptitude will try find
the necessary packages to remove/install/upgrade so that you both
get krb5-user installed and have all dependencies resolved.


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