[HCoop-Help] SSL Certificate Without Hostname

Adam Chlipala adamc at hcoop.net
Sun May 17 11:12:23 EDT 2009

Michal Charemza wrote:
> Thanks for the detailed reply. Following your advice with 'webAtIp',  
> and looking at  <VirtualHost> in the output of domtool-admin describe,  
> I can get the 'www' host to be at my personal ip, on port 80.  
> Following your advice with 'dnsDefault', and looking at A record in  
> the DNS zonefile section, both with and without 'www' are at my  
> personal IP.
> However, using 'dnsDefault' results in my domain showing as the hcoop  
> home page in my browser (But do I need to wait for the dns record to  
> propagate here...?)

Please say which URL you mean here.

> Also, in the SSL web vhost section, the IP address listed in  
> <VirtualHost> is not my personal one, it is the one of mire. How do I  
> set this value? I've looked for something like 'vHostDefaultAtIp', but  
> I can't find it...?

This page includes all the primitive vhost creation info:
In particular, you can set an environment variable like so:
    WebPlaces = [web_place "mire" "your.ip"];
One way to do that is with the [where] block of the directive.

For any further questions, please include the path to the exact 
configuration that you're using when something that you don't expect 

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