[HCoop-Help] SSL Certificate Without Hostname

Michal Charemza michalcharemza at gmail.com
Sun May 17 10:32:50 EDT 2009

Thanks for the detailed reply. Following your advice with 'webAtIp',  
and looking at  <VirtualHost> in the output of domtool-admin describe,  
I can get the 'www' host to be at my personal ip, on port 80.  
Following your advice with 'dnsDefault', and looking at A record in  
the DNS zonefile section, both with and without 'www' are at my  
personal IP.

However, using 'dnsDefault' results in my domain showing as the hcoop  
home page in my browser (But do I need to wait for the dns record to  
propagate here...?)

Also, in the SSL web vhost section, the IP address listed in  
<VirtualHost> is not my personal one, it is the one of mire. How do I  
set this value? I've looked for something like 'vHostDefaultAtIp', but  
I can't find it...?


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