[HCoop-Help] Sync'ing mail on my cell phone

Clinton Ebadi clinton at unknownlamer.org
Thu Aug 13 14:46:03 EDT 2009

vikas at hcoop.net writes:

> Hi Folks,
>    I have a motorola rokr E6 phone (linux-based) that supports
>    IMAP mails. However, I'm not able to get the phone to connect
>    to hcoop and download the mails.
>    Has anybody tried this earlier or have any idea about how to go
>    about this?

You have to use IMAP over SSL and be able to accept our self-signed
certificate. My Android phone at least had issues with the certificate
(I ended up having to use an alternative client to work aorund this).

Do you have any other details on how it fails?

<captain_krunk> ntk is currently using "telnet fyodor 25" to send email

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