[HCoop-Help] [HCoop-SysAdmin] AFS(?) Connection

Adam Megacz megacz at hcoop.net
Thu Sep 4 15:30:49 EDT 2008

Davor Ocelic <docelic at hcoop.net> writes:
>> Could not chdir to home directory /afs/hcoop.net/user/c/ca/caden:
>> Connection timed out

Hrm, this should never happen, particularly between machines on the
same ethernet switch.  I don't know why you're seeing it.

Once mire decides that deleuze is unreachable, it will avoid trying
again for some short amount of time (5 minutes, I think).  Running "fs
checks", which does not require root privileges, will instruct mire to
try again immediately.

If this happens again, could you make note of the exact time and date
(as reported by "date" on mire) so we can check against the logs?

  - a

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