[HCoop-Help] SVN server instructions

Daniel Verkamp dverkamp at hcoop.net
Fri Sep 5 00:07:41 EDT 2008


I would like to set up an Apache-based (mod_dav_svn) SVN server at
HCoop; has anyone else done this already?  I looked on the wiki, but
the section on http://wiki.hcoop.net/MemberManual/VersionControl about
SVN just says "Write me".  (If somebody can aim me in the right
direction, I'm willing to fill this in once it's working...)

Do I need to run my own instance of Apache?  Alternatively, is the
proper module already available in the normal Apache instance?  Do I
need to run my own if I want HTTPS support? (I suppose for this I also
need to request an IP.)

-- Daniel

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