[HCoop-Help] Domtool help please...?

Lauren McNees lauren at rosasharn.com
Fri Jun 20 14:09:34 EDT 2008

> Oh, I think the wiki page that was referenced is out of date.  There is
> a new equivalent of that low-level directive, but what you want instead
> is to use the high-level shortcut:
>     dnsAlias "start" "ghs.google.com";

The good news is that it resulted in "Configuration Succeded". The bad
news is, start.rosasharn.com results in a "Server not found" page. I don't
think its recognizing it as a CNAME because I did a NSLOOKUP for CNAMEs of
rosasharn.com, and none were found.

> As far as I know, reprocessing a domain's configuration nukes all web
> hosts that you've left out.  Your local DNS server is probably caching
> the DNS mapping, so your browser asks the same HCoop server for the site
> content, but our server no longer knows about that host, so it shows the
> default page.

The reason I thought it was odd is because I tested it against other
unknown/wrong DNSs on my domain, like askljfsl.rosasharn.com to see if all
wrong addresses resulted in hcoop.net, but they do not. Wrong addresses
give Page Not Found, while the one I used previously then eliminated
(start.rosasharn.com) still goes to hcoop.net.

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