[HCoop-Help] Domtool help please...?

Adam Chlipala adamc at hcoop.net
Fri Jun 20 13:40:57 EDT 2008

Lauren McNees wrote:
> I tried adding the following, but then when I ran it it says "Function
> argument has wrong type." I also tried using "start" instead of
> "start.rosasharn.com" but that didn't work either. Can you tell what I'm
> doing wrong. I really appreciate your help.
> with
> dns (dnsCNAME "start.rosasharn.com" "ghs.google.com");
> end;

Oh, I think the wiki page that was referenced is out of date.  There is 
a new equivalent of that low-level directive, but what you want instead 
is to use the high-level shortcut:
    dnsAlias "start" "ghs.google.com";

> Also I noticed that even when I revert back to my basic domtool config,
> removing all attempts at start.rosasharn.com, when I go to
> start.rosasharn.com it shows the hcoop.net main page. Why is that?

As far as I know, reprocessing a domain's configuration nukes all web 
hosts that you've left out.  Your local DNS server is probably caching 
the DNS mapping, so your browser asks the same HCoop server for the site 
content, but our server no longer knows about that host, so it shows the 
default page.

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