[HCoop-Help] Domtool help please...?

Adam Chlipala adamc at hcoop.net
Fri Jun 20 14:31:21 EDT 2008

Lauren McNees wrote:
>> Oh, I think the wiki page that was referenced is out of date.  There is
>> a new equivalent of that low-level directive, but what you want instead
>> is to use the high-level shortcut:
>>     dnsAlias "start" "ghs.google.com";
> The good news is that it resulted in "Configuration Succeded". The bad
> news is, start.rosasharn.com results in a "Server not found" page. I don't
> think its recognizing it as a CNAME because I did a NSLOOKUP for CNAMEs of
> rosasharn.com, and none were found.

Right now, your configuration has a CNAME mapping for 
mail.rosasharn.com, not start.rosasharn.com, and the former works fine 
for me.

>> As far as I know, reprocessing a domain's configuration nukes all web
>> hosts that you've left out.  Your local DNS server is probably caching
>> the DNS mapping, so your browser asks the same HCoop server for the site
>> content, but our server no longer knows about that host, so it shows the
>> default page.
> The reason I thought it was odd is because I tested it against other
> unknown/wrong DNSs on my domain, like askljfsl.rosasharn.com to see if all
> wrong addresses resulted in hcoop.net, but they do not. Wrong addresses
> give Page Not Found, while the one I used previously then eliminated
> (start.rosasharn.com) still goes to hcoop.net.

The difference is entirely on your side.  Your DNS cache wouldn't 
include entries for "wrong" domains that you try for the first time, but 
it would for the old web hostname.

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