[HCoop-Help] Long running bot

Michael Olson mwolson at hcoop.net
Mon Jun 2 00:17:12 EDT 2008

alephnull at hcoop.net (Alok G. Singh) writes:

> I'm running an eggdrop bot on mire and I get an error 
> couldn't open "moxquizz/quizdata/rankallstars.data": permission denied
> after about a day or so.  That particular file (and the directory it is
> in) have all rights to alephnull.daemon. 
> I start the bot with k5start -qtUf /etc/keytabs/user.daemon/alephnull --
> bin/bunbun-check. This script checks for pids and then starts the real bot.


k5start -qtU -K 540 -f /etc/keytabs/user.daemon/alephnull -- \

Michael Olson
HCoop System Administrator
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