[HCoop-Help] old emails appear from nowhere

Michael Olson mwolson at hcoop.net
Mon Jul 14 13:40:10 EDT 2008

Davor Ocelic <docelic at hcoop.net> writes:

> Recently we've figured parts of mail for some users were saved to
> /var/mail/USERNAME instead of their Maildir. (Actually it's unknown
> to me whether those were copies of delivered email, or email that
> never made it to Maildir).

The fact that procmail can sometimes deliver to /var/mail/USERNAME in
cases of error is a known issue.  I have a script that periodically
delivers mail from that directory to work around it.  The question is
why that script did not seem to work for the past month.  I'm going to
add some logging so that I can get an idea for what's going on.

Michael Olson
HCoop System Administrator
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