[Nestedvm] building issues/ broken link for regex3.8a.tar.gz

Ethan Rublee ethan.rublee at temple.edu
Wed Jan 20 12:50:53 EST 2010

So I've come upon several issues while building nestedvm on Ubuntu.
I'm getting nestedvm via git:
$ git clone http://nestedvm.ibex.org/.git/
$ cd nestedvm.ibex.org/
$ make

/usr/include/bits/fcntl2.h:51: error: call to ‘__open_missing_mode’ 
declared with attribute error: open with O_CREAT in second argument 
needs 3 arguments

This fails due to some incompatibilities with gcc-4.4.1 so I installed 
and then did:
$ make CC=gcc-4.1 LD=gcc-4.1
This seems to solve the gcc issue...

Then, make fails at this point:

cd download && curl -O http://arglist.com/regex/regex3.8a.tar.gz

with tar failng because i think that link is broken, because if you goto 
http://arglist.com/regex/regex3.8a.tar.gz it says page not found.

To get around this i manually downloaded the regex3.8a.tar.gz and put it 
in upstream/download/

and then make again and it works.

Here's the output from the test app, not sure if it is all correct...
$ make test
java -cp build tests.Test "arg 1" "arg 2" "arg 3"
Entered main()
argv[0] = "tests.Test"
argv[1] = "arg 1"
argv[2] = "arg 2"
argv[3] = "arg 3"
getenv("USER") = "(null)"
getenv("HOME") = "(null)"
getenv("TZ") = "(null)"
Running ctime
ctime returned: 0x2b958
Current time: Wed Jan 20 17:24:03 2010
Trying to open /nonexistent
open: No such file or directory
Tyring to mkdir .mkdirtest
Attempted to use a UnixRuntime syscall in Runtime (18)
mkdir: Function not implemented
Trying to opendir .
opendir: No such file or directory
Hello, World
fabs(-2.24) = 2.34

Nestedvm is really awesome! Has anyone built the gcc toolchain itself 
with mips-unknown-elf -> to java class, did i read that correctly in the 
2004 paper?

Oh, I also tried on Cygwin, and the build process got stuck at something 
to do with checking maximum number of command line args... not that 
important as i have it working on linux.

Now time to play.

More later,
Ethan Rublee

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