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I don't know if I could give you good input on this decision. If we brewed
this sunday, would it be ready by late august? I'd like to do 10 gallons of
my strawberry blond ale again. We could also discuss the buying of things

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> Greetings, brewers,
> As Clinton rightly pointed out, the time is ripe to upgrade to kegging,
> lest we have no beer  before the end of summer. And as I have just
> committed $300 to homebrewing supplies, I think it wise to use those funds
> toward that goal.
> I have taken a glance at the kits available at American Brewmaster (where
> I will be spending the money from certificates), and a couple options look
> good. I am amenable to refrigerator conversion kits, as when we eventually
> part ways I will still find use of it, but I am soliciting your opinions
> (most especially Clinton, as the chief resident brewer at Evergreen) for
> what will best accommodate our setup there.
> The keg to-go kit might be the best economic choice, especially because we
> can take fresh Nowruz to other parties :) But as I happen to now own two
> Sanke 7.5gallon kegs, it might be better to get the sanke fridge kit.
> Theoretically, I can get both and only pay a little over the $300 mark.
> My goal is to make this purchase within the week so we can begin
> production. I'm sure y'all are itching to brew as much as I am.
> Thoughts?
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