Bottling this weekend + Piedmont Brewers Cup

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On Thu, Aug 2, 2012 at 7:15 PM, Rachel Brown <rdbrown2057 at> wrote:

> Cool.  BT and I are planning to be in town.  A new friend named Ryan who
> is interested in homebrewing was thinking about catan that day.  I have to
> leave at 8 pm but what about a late afternoon round of catan?  He's
> boarding at someone elses house and Clinton, bt,rachel, and steve will
> already be on evergreen ave so it seems to make sense to do it at our
> place.  Who is in?
I can only say I'll be there; I have 11 gallons of porter to bottle, so my
participation is going to be pretty much nil in Catan. Which gives me a sad.

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