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I talked to Clinton and he advises adding the tea after the primary fermentation which I am goin with for two reasons: 1 it buys me time and 2 which is also related to 1, I am able to steep the tea once or twice before cold steeping, which should aid in Tannin reduction and is generally viewed as the tastiest brew of ooolong tea.

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> On Fri, Jul 27, 2012 at 8:06 PM, Joey Sawyer <joeysawyer84 at> wrote:
> I'm with Clinton and he a
> Says carport is good if someone is on broom duty to discard excess rain. Also I was hoping for a ten batch. Maybe half with tea half without for comparison? I like the idea o a control group.
> OK, I've worked up a 10-gallon recipe (xml is on the wiki to snag):
> Clinton, I would love to hear feedback on it if it needs tweaking. I guess we could use a different bittering hop in an effort to reduce the amount of trub?
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