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> Greetings, brewers,
> So we're on for brewing this weekend, Saturday afternoon in particular.
> Chatting with Joey tonight, he expressed interest in making a hefeweizen
> brewed with oolong tea leaves. We have a pretty solid hefe recipe in the
> form of JWheatz, so the real question is how to incorporate the oolong.
> I'll do some research to see where folks have taken this. I confess I'm
> intrigued. :)
So, research leads me to conclude that a good start is to cold-steep some
oolong with filtered water at least overnight (many folks did it for a few
days), and then to pitch a couple cups of tea into the wort in the last
5-10 minutes of the boil. The cold steeping apparently sidesteps tannin
extraction, and we can always add more at bottling if it doesn't taste
oolong-y enough after primary fermentation has settled down. Maybe grabbing
a jug of spring water from the store would be better than tap water, to
ensure that no chloramines enter the wort?

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