Brewing this weekend!

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Fri Jul 27 00:02:18 EDT 2012

Greetings, brewers,

So we're on for brewing this weekend, Saturday afternoon in particular.
Chatting with Joey tonight, he expressed interest in making a hefeweizen
brewed with oolong tea leaves. We have a pretty solid hefe recipe in the
form of JWheatz, so the real question is how to incorporate the oolong.
I'll do some research to see where folks have taken this. I confess I'm
intrigued. :)

Joey, you ought to print up the recipe ahead of time (
to have on hand when we go shopping for ingredients, and also be sure to
have read the first chapter of How To Brew. It will help to read the
all-grain portions too, but we can help you through that without much
trouble. Let me know when you're free after your thing, and I'll be ready
to roll.


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