Bubonic Porter debrief: water chemistry

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Greetings, brewers,

So, I made a couple of observations when brewing the other day. We
typically use 5.2 pH buffer in the mash, and I have wondered whether it is
truly effective in our relatively mineral-free water. So I omitted it this
time and just used the planned mineral additions of chalk, water crystals,
and kosher salt (this last for flavor balance). I checked the pH at room
temperature about 5 mins after mash-in by filling a saucepan with ice and
water and then partially submerging a small glass of wort in it for about 5
minutes. Our pH was 5.0 according to the strip (read in direct sunlight).
In addition, according to BrewTarget I attained a mash efficiency of 81%
(expected wort SG 1.041, actual wort SG 1.049). Coupled with Clinton's
success with chalk on much lower-SRM grain bills, I think it's worth trying
a few pale batches with chalk/water crystal additions (calculated via Bru'n
Water or Brewer's Friend) and without pH5.2. I'm fairly convinced that
pH5.2 does nothing for us, and that we're better off just mastering water


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