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On Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 6:35 PM, Clinton Ebadi <clinton at>wrote:

> Who's in for brewing tomorrow if weather permits?
I wish I could--heading to MD to see my sister before she leaves for
Afghanistan. But I will be there in spirit! Which is to say, in your
thoughts. Unless you choose not to think about me. Then Joe Hausman wins.
Or something.

> I was thinking about doing a brown ale, and then I decided to work
> through a good chunk of the Cascade instead with ... (Mo Hitz Mo Ale)²
> ... the malt of Nowruz, with (something resembling) the all-Cascade
> hopping of Mo Hitz Mo Ale.
It's a decent base. Is it worth considering trying to go for a 90-minute
boil with some extra volume to get some caramelization effects?

Further planning: anyone ready to do another ten gallon batch next
> weekendish? I can always brew MORE AND MORE ... I /want/ to brew a
> dunkel version of JWheatz (basically, same everything except s/pale
> malt/munich malt/), a coffee brown ale, more Nowruz and Cernunnos, ...
I'll be on board with making 10 gallons of the Bubonic Porter next weekend.
Though if brewing doesn't happen tomorrow, I'll let you get in your pale
ale next weekend instead and lend assistance.

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