Brewing Saturday

Clinton Ebadi clinton at
Fri Jun 22 18:35:19 EDT 2012

Who's in for brewing tomorrow if weather permits?

I was thinking about doing a brown ale, and then I decided to work
through a good chunk of the Cascade instead with ... (Mo Hitz Mo Ale)²
... the malt of Nowruz, with (something resembling) the all-Cascade
hopping of Mo Hitz Mo Ale.

I'm going to dry hop half with 2oz of Cascade, and the other half with
1oz of Cascade and another ounce of Citra.

Sebastian's beer unfortunately has yet to fully clear -- I think over 3
weeks conditioning at 65F is ... a lot, but I've seen S-05 do this
before once upon a time. I set the temperature controller to allow it to
warm to around 68F-70F to coax the yeast into finishing up whatever it
is they are doing.

Further planning: anyone ready to do another ten gallon batch next
weekendish? I can always brew MORE AND MORE ... I /want/ to brew a
dunkel version of JWheatz (basically, same everything except s/pale
malt/munich malt/), a coffee brown ale, more Nowruz and Cernunnos, ...

Corinne: rub a dub dub nekked in the tub
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