Grain Storage / LHBS Treck / Start Time

Clinton Ebadi clinton at
Sat May 5 02:24:05 EDT 2012


Steve: I'm getting 50lbs of grain. But we have weird bugs that eat
unsealed grains and such here ... can you keep it at your apartment?

Everyone: I am going to the brew store in the earlyish afternoon
tomorrow. Anyone want to go with me?

So, Sunday ... when do we want to start? Note: it takes ... a bit
... longer for each step (twice the water), so starting later than noon
is probably a bad idea.

If we could find somewhat to elevate the mash tun above the height of
the kettle on the burner we could shave a bit of time off by heating up
the wort as it is sparged instead of waiting until it was collected...

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