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> Greetings,
> Good news first: the chamomile arrived today and in theory I /could/ do
> a 10 gallon batch of Cernunnos tomorrow... but instead we'll probably:
>  * Bottle Rachel's Saison
>  * Sample & Rack the Blackberry-Hibiscus Cyser into secondary
> The plain old cyser shall wait another week along with bpt's Biere de
> Gaarde for the corking apparatus to arrive.
> Using the time freed by not brewing, I'll be finishing up the planter
> beds so that we can plant various beans and squashes that are already a
> week overdue (I love/hate spring because a so many tasks must be started
> and finished within a few weeks... preparation be damned!), and asssting
> Rachel with bottling (in exchange for tricking her into helping me rack
> the Cyser). Oh, and having the ol' HCoop board meeting at six (THE
> So... Tuesday/Thursday and Friday/Saturday/Sunday (pick one from each
> set) I can brew. One day I shall brew Nowruz (five gallons, using the
> new mash tun!), and another I shall brew Cernunnos (ten gallons! new
> kettle and new mash tun!). What I ask now is: who (if anyone, book
> learning being a wee bit more important than a hobby after all) might be
> available on some of those days to assist?
Thursday and Sunday are best for me. I'm done my classes Tuesday evening.

> Nowruz, at worst, I can do alone (save for Kristen or bpt helping me
> lift the mash tun onto a counter); Cernunnos will require an assistant
> since we've never used the new kettle and it's pretty damn big and we're
> doubling all of our inputs...

For sure I'll be there for both! After Tuesday, all I must do is study. And
clean the apartment.

> If no one is around... well, I learned to brew alone and so I can do two
> batches of beer alone. I accept duty (to country, family, Solstice,
> ethics, ...) and what must be done shall be done.
> After that, there;s a brewing slot open May 5th. It's the last slot
> where beer can feasibly be ready before Solstice so I'm offering it to
> everyone else first. If no one want to brew that weekend... I'll figure
> out something (brown ale? JWHEATZ? OR: rocky j squirrel).

I can be there as well. Having tasted it, I humbly submit that my session
saison is a delicious alternative--not as potent a potion as the Luna Moth,
but possessed of similar refreshing complexity.

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