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Sun Apr 22 02:01:36 EDT 2012


Good news first: the chamomile arrived today and in theory I /could/ do
a 10 gallon batch of Cernunnos tomorrow... but instead we'll probably:

 * Bottle Rachel's Saison
 * Sample & Rack the Blackberry-Hibiscus Cyser into secondary

The plain old cyser shall wait another week along with bpt's Biere de
Gaarde for the corking apparatus to arrive.

Using the time freed by not brewing, I'll be finishing up the planter
beds so that we can plant various beans and squashes that are already a
week overdue (I love/hate spring because a so many tasks must be started
and finished within a few weeks... preparation be damned!), and asssting
Rachel with bottling (in exchange for tricking her into helping me rack
the Cyser). Oh, and having the ol' HCoop board meeting at six (THE

So... Tuesday/Thursday and Friday/Saturday/Sunday (pick one from each
set) I can brew. One day I shall brew Nowruz (five gallons, using the
new mash tun!), and another I shall brew Cernunnos (ten gallons! new
kettle and new mash tun!). What I ask now is: who (if anyone, book
learning being a wee bit more important than a hobby after all) might be
available on some of those days to assist?

Nowruz, at worst, I can do alone (save for Kristen or bpt helping me
lift the mash tun onto a counter); Cernunnos will require an assistant
since we've never used the new kettle and it's pretty damn big and we're
doubling all of our inputs...

If no one is around... well, I learned to brew alone and so I can do two
batches of beer alone. I accept duty (to country, family, Solstice,
ethics, ...) and what must be done shall be done.

After that, there;s a brewing slot open May 5th. It's the last slot
where beer can feasibly be ready before Solstice so I'm offering it to
everyone else first. If no one want to brew that weekend... I'll figure
out something (brown ale? JWHEATZ? OR: rocky j squirrel).


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