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We have had equipment capable of producing ten gallon batches of beer
sitting around for *weeks* ... and we've not brewed beer since
Sebastian's batch (a month this weekend!). We're also down to *two*
weekends left for solstice beer :(


 Friday - ???
 Saturday - Rennfest!
 Suturday - Moving 2 Y^3 of dirt into planter beds (this is a magical
            eigth day of the week)
 Sunday - HCoop board meeting, but not until six...


 Friday - ?? Shall Clinton dare an attempt at beer production?
 Saturday - Nope, Rennfest
 Sunday - (if (on-hand? 'Chamomile) 

To do the ten gallon batch, we'll need a wee bit more vinyl hosing and a
second aerator gadget (unless it can be placed before the tee?). I'm
also going to split the batch between US-05 and some Belgian yeast or

And a new fermenter (bpt said something about acquiring one or two).

Also, realistically, we need to get a 50lbs bag of grain (we'll be done
with it by the end of May I think... damn). I can buy it (with everyone
giving me cash money and/or tribute for grains later, at cost), but I
can't store it here... we have way too many weird tiny bugs (curse you
animal-rich ecosystem in my backyard!) and I think they'd get into the

I also need to get my blackberry-hibiscus cyser racked out of the 6 gal
carboy (that can wait a bit / I can easily do that alone this week and
probably shall). And... bottle the 5 gallons of cyser (that also can
wait a bit since it's stabilized and should be aging acceptably in

Does anyone want to make mead or fruit+mead wines? I think I can locate
five gallon buckets of honey, but those are more than 50lbs and $3ish/lb

MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION: Will anyone be around to assist with brewing
Sunday? My current assumption is that I'll be lucky to have one
assistant... but beer must be made.

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                         Your petri dish civilisations                        
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