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Thu Apr 12 12:09:10 EDT 2012

Steve Killen <steven.f.killen at> writes:

> Greetings,
> So I was unsuccessful in getting the keg cut open this past weekend. However, I
> do own a dremel, and from what I've read it's quite feasible to do. The other
> step is the mash tun. Do any of you want to try a redux of last weekend but in
> actual daylight hours (i.e., before 11am? Friday is not feasible for me, as I'm
> doing observations up north,  but Saturday or Sunday will be fine.
> This weekend will be my last one where I am able to do anything until after
> finals (i.e., May 8th). So if we're going to brew and you need my help, let's
> do it this weekend. We have a couple of bottling tasks that need to happen, but
> in my experience that can actually happen with just two people. (And I've
> gotten pretty good at single-handedly doing it lately. :)

According the calendar, all of the things fermenting could be bottled
this weekend. Rachel won't be around so ... bpt and Sebastian: both of
you get to bottle this weekend if you're up for it.

I should have the port of the mash tun basically done today -- in a bit
I'm heading over to home despot to grab a pipe cutter and the last
o-ring we need (hopefully). I might even manage to get the mash tun
manifold build (except for slotting the drain pipes) as long as we
really don't need to solder anything.

I'm not sure we can get the mash tun and kettle into shape enough to actually
brew a ten gallon batch this weekend... but we're also down to 3
weekends before it's too late to make solstice beer. I propose that, if
we get everything working, we do a batch of JWHEATZ (chamomile won't be
here in time I suspect...).

But I'm thinking that we won't, and a better idea would be to knock out
some Nowruz. If Sebastian and Luke can both attend and Bpt offer
assistance we could ... bottle (bpt + Sebastian primarily), brew (me),
and grind out the kettle (Steve), with Luke as our go-to lackey for each
task ;)

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