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Wed Apr 11 17:43:30 EDT 2012


So I was unsuccessful in getting the keg cut open this past weekend.
However, I do own a dremel, and from what I've read it's quite feasible to
do. The other step is the mash tun. Do any of you want to try a redux of
last weekend but in actual daylight hours (i.e., before 11am? Friday is not
feasible for me, as I'm doing observations up north,  but Saturday or
Sunday will be fine.

This weekend will be my last one where I am able to do anything until after
finals (i.e., May 8th). So if we're going to brew and you need my help,
let's do it this weekend. We have a couple of bottling tasks that need to
happen, but in my experience that can actually happen with just two people.
(And I've gotten pretty good at single-handedly doing it lately. :)

I hope you are all well,

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