Mash tun coalescing

Steve Killen steven.f.killen at
Sun Apr 1 04:02:09 EDT 2012

So, we got most of the parts today. Except there was heartache and
travails. But Clinton will secure the one or two parts we didn't quite get
on Monday. Sadly, I'll be out of touch until after Easter weekend owing to
school and fambly obligations. I'll bring up the keg to get cut open, and
then we'll be in business.

Some things the new equipment opens up for us:

* 10-gallon batches
* insanely high-gravity 5-gallon batches (1.100 is *well* within reach now)
* parti-gyle batches (

It is highly in our interest to purchase another 50-lb bag of 2-row. ;-)
And, we should definitely explore canning wort for starters now that we can
make beer that genuinely needs a starter...

Wow, we are silly people. I blame Clinton for starting this whole mess.

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