[HCoop-Help] Payment not reflected in my account balance.

Stephen Michel smichel17 at hcoop.net
Fri Mar 26 21:41:36 EDT 2021

 > My main concern was being locked out/kicked out because my balance 
went negative.

You'll never be kicked before payments are processed. Locking/kicking 
is a manual process, not automatic; if Clinton (or whoever has those 
duties) is behind on processing payments, then they'll also be behind 
on checking who needs to be warned/kicked. :)

 > I am more than happy to volunteer my time to help keep things going.

Consider running for the board! There are 3 seats open and so far only 
2 people have accepted their nominations (you can self-nominate); so we 
need one more, and it would be great to have at least 2 so it's not an 
uncontested election. It's not a very large time commitment (maybe 
around 10 hours for the year, unless you decide to take on more).
To respect your time, I try to write short, functional emails.

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