[HCoop-Help] Virtual mailboxes spam filtering?

Clinton Ebadi clinton at unknownlamer.org
Sat Sep 28 15:22:10 EDT 2019

白い熊 <hcoop-help_lists.hcoop.net at sumou.com> writes:

> Adam Chlipala wrote: 
>> Davor Ocelic wrote:
>> > Onto the real question: how do I spamfilter virtual mailboxes?
>> >
>> > I've found I can do "setsa mail at domain on" which enables spam
>> > checking, but where/how do I write the rules for acting upon
>> > spam score? Is it the unix user's .forward file as well?
>> > 
>> I don't think we have anything in place yet to allow users to do this. 
>> No one ever asked before.
> Reviving a 10-year old threat, but I just hit the same problem and need to solve it somehow. 
> I have a virtual mailbox, used by my wife; she's become completely
> flooded by spam. I've enabled SA for her, so the mails get marked as
> spam but don't get removed. Now I need to solve it somehow — because
> mail has become almost unusable for her.
> What's the best solution? Program a cron script (don't know if hcoop
> has this possibility, but I'd assume so) for my user box to go through
> her new mail in the virtual mail dir and delete tagged messages?
> Or something else? What would be the best—immediate hacky solution, so that I'd somehow fix it? 


There are a two options currently:

 - If you're using a dedicated mail client, you could add a client
   filter on the header "X-Spam-Status: Yes" or if you need more fine
   grained control, X-Spam-Level which will have 0 - 5 '*' characters
   depending on the level.

 - You could use a short script as a cron on marsh (all members have
   cron access enabled by default now so no additional permissions are
   needed) that greped for messages containing the line '^X-Spam-Status:
   Yes' and moved them to a spam folder. e.g.:

     grep -Z -l -e '^X-Spam-Status: Yes' -r $MAILDIR \
       --exclude-dir=$SPAMDIR | xargs -0 mv -t $SPAMDIR

   For this to work, you'll need to wrap the call in the crontab with
   k5start so it has permissions to modify the Maildir:

     k5start -qtUf /etc/keytabs/user.daemon/$YOUR_USERNAME_HERE \

Let me know if you need any help setting this up if you use the cron

I do want to overhaul vmail soonish (after we complete the stretch ->
buster OS upgrades) and the updated system will finally allow
procmail/exim/sieve filters for vmail users along with automatic
management of spam (moving to a Spam folder and deletion after 30-90
days), but I don't expect that to be done until early next year at this

In Cooperation,
  Clinton Ebadi
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