[HCoop-Help] Help please with running my own apache.

Clinton Ebadi clinton at unknownlamer.org
Sun Jun 30 15:59:13 EDT 2019

Matthew Smith <dogman at unifone.net.nz> writes:

> I have switched from a php to a python framework, so now I need my own
> setup in $HOME. I have got so far with instructions on the wiki but
> need a few pointers.
> As a first step I want to get apache serving static content at
> http://barkingdognatives.nz
> What I have right now is apache serving static content at
> http://www.barkingdognatives.nz, but only while I am logged in to
> marsh.  After logging out I get 403 209 "access to index.html denied
> because search permissions are missing on a component of the path". I
> log back in and issue apachectl restart twice and it works again.
> The startup script from https://wiki.hcoop.net/RunningYourOwnApache
> doesn't appear to work for me:


Sorry about the long delay before replying. The wiki page on running
your own apache hasn't been updated in quite a while (last in 2013, and
originally from 2008), and based on apache losing filesystem access once
you log out it is likely inherting your user tokens and losing them once
you log out instead of using your $USER.daemon tokens.

What do you need to achieve here? Apache may not be the right option --
if you just need to run a wsgi app, using gunicorn
(https://gunicorn.org/) is much simpler than attempting to run an entire
apache just for mod_wsgi (and mod_python hasn't been updated since 2013
so I think is effectively dead).

Let me know if that seems reasonable; we definitely need to update
documentation here to make it clear proxing to a dedicated wsgi or
fastcgi daemon makes more sense than running apache itself nowadays.

I also wanted to mention that, if your app can use fastcgi, we have a
`fastScriptAlias' directive in domtool that works like `scriptAlias',
but instead manages the script using mod_fcgid on the webserver:
https://hcoop.net/domtool/apache_alias.html#V_fastScriptAlias. It's more
limited than proxing to a dedicate fastcgi or wsgi daemon however (it
will spawn multiple instances of the application depending on how many
simultaneous requests there are and cannot take advantage of
multithreading), but it also automatically grabs tokens and manages
processes for you using mod_fcgid.

>> mds at marsh:~$ ./bin/start_apache.sh
>> mds at marsh:~$ ps -u mds|grep httpd
>> mds at marsh:~$
> ?
> Cheers, Matthew.
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